Wherever your Customers are.  Always!

Working with Nearby Media gives bars and pubs various competitive advantages over other venues through our interactive Beacon Network, additional marketing activities, strong brand partnerships and valuable insight into their customers and their habits.

Nearby Media helps our Venue Partners to:

  • Raise awareness of the venue to a wider audience via social media, mobile apps and online;
  • Provide a USP, exclusive experiences and brand engagement that competitor venues cannot replicate;
  • Actively engage with customers on their mobile devices;
  • Drive Additional footfall and Increase the Frequency of Visits;
  • Increase Dwell Time and Raise Customer Spend;
  • Deliver valuable data and consumer insights
  • Build stronger supplier relationships to drive more sales

To find out more about how we can deliver some of this many benefits to your venue, contact us.

A rapidly growing network of venues across the UK that are connected to Google’s Physical Web 

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Mobile Gamer Network is now Nearby Media!

As part of our company's re-branding strategy, Mobile Gamer Network has now become Nearby Media Limited. For all or our new and existing customers and partners, this will not affect our normal business operations - it is just part of our goal to improving our services we provide. 

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Driving customer footfall, increasing dwell time and average spend, valuable customer insights and more....

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What We Do

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Benefits to Venues

Wherever your customers are. Always!

Supporting the On-Trade to drive footfall, increase dwell time, improve average spend and create a deeper connection with your customers.

Contact us to find out how Nearby Media can improve your venue and strengthen the relationship with customers....​​
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